Updating house exterior

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Heydt told Houzz, “When they found this home, it was an outdated, modern lodge-style home with two bedrooms and two baths that had not been updated since the 1980s.” She describes the new exterior as having both “Craftsman shingle style and Spanish Colonial influences.”The house grew by an additional 705 square feet: “This entry foyer, the entire family room, part of the living room and the breakfast nook are all part of the new addition on the first floor.”The upstairs rooms had vaulted ceilings with triangular windows in the upper parts of the gables, Heydt explains, so they replaced them with circular windows to go with the new exterior.“The rooms are very compact, but the house feels more spacious than it actually is due to the tall, vaulted ceilings, the windows and the glass doors,” Heydt says.

As if all the blue and mauve trim on the inside of the house isn’t enough, we had some outside trim that needed some attention.

I have been showing you a lot of what I have been doing inside and on the lake side of my house lately, but this week I did some updating on the front of the house. …I am 100% sure that the exterior light fixtures are original to the house when it was built in 1974. When choosing what type of light fixtures to get, I also had to think of the styling of my house. The front of the house looks like a one-story contemporary home, especially with the design on the double front doors.

This plastic beauty x 2 were what you were greeted with when you came to my front door. this yellow fixture of loveliness would shine its light upon you. Many that arrive via the front door think the house is a small ranch style house. One of the bigger home improvement projects I would like to do sooner, than later to the front of the house, is to replace the entire front door and two glass panels on either side with 4 – 3/4 light – 6 pane doors. I kept this future vision of the entry with the 4 doors in mind when I was making my choice for new lighting. :-) I could not go with big lights since there is a low ceiling above the doors.

He took on the task and in about an hour, he had all 3 lights changed out.Maybe they’ve owned or bought a home that’s 30 years old, and the siding is so deteriorated that they’re now worried about water infiltration.Exterior siding is exposed to the elements, so it’s not going to last forever.Fading from sunshine, damage from storms or the aftermath of your lead-footed teenager ramming into the side of your house — there are many things that can take a toll on siding. If your siding is damaged in just one spot, say on the side of the house from a car bump or a small fire, you might be considering replacing just the siding on that area. Many companies don’t do patchwork because it’s a liability for the contractor, Dawn says.When we first moved into our house, I did a lot of work on the inside – adding entryway tile, turning a tiny bedroom into an office/playroom, adding lighting, et cetera – but aside from doing some (necessary, thanks to the drought) xeriscaping, I pretty much gave up on the house exterior.

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