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Men seeking compensated dating - a disguised form of prostitution - are being taken for thousands of dollars in a new fraud scam, police say.

Victims are persuaded to pay up first, then their dates fail to appear or they are extorted via threats their demand for sexual services will be disclosed to their families, police say.

WHEN the sun sets over Angeles City, the neon glow from a single street illuminates everything around it. girls as young as 13 sold into the sex trade and farmed out to western men looking for cheap thrills. on the street, where they walk hand-in-hand with local girls often under the age of 18; in the cafes, where they joke with each other about their latest exploits; and in the bars, where they stare at semi-naked girls before picking the one they want to bring back to their hotel rooms. how children are purchased by bar owners and sold to tourists; how a hardcore group of European paedophiles has managed to evade justice; and how more and more Irishmen are travelling to the Philippines each year in order to buy the bodies of young girls.

Set away from the smoke-filled traffic jams of the city’s main thoroughfares, Fields Avenue comes alive after dark. These girls are known as ‘entertainers’; in reality, they are prostitutes . On Fields Avenue, you can see these men everywhere . They come primarily from Australia and the US, Britain and Germany. A Sunday Tribune investigation has uncovered the shocking truth behind the Filipino sex trade . There are perhaps more than 1,000 young girls working in the bars of Fields Avenue alone, but the problem is not confined to Angeles City.

“We want to reduce the 11 to 14 percent of teenage pregnancy to about 6 or 7 percent, or at least reduce it to half in the next five years,” said Perez.

The images blocked included infographics on the crackdown, profile sketches of affected lawyers and their relatives, or images of protesters holding placards accusing the authorities of torturing one of the attorneys.

We Chat allegedly censoring photos from Hong Kong protests If an image posted by a user is censored, it does not appear on the feeds of their friends and both will have no idea that the content has been censored as no notification is given.

This dusty street, which stretches for a kilometre, is lined on both sides with bars and nightclubs, each attempting to out-do the other with gaudy lights and tasteless names. Their job is a straightforward one: they must encourage passing tourists to come into their premises for a drink. It is estimated that over 100,000 girls under the age of 18 work as prostitutes in the Philippines.

Once inside, the tourist will encounter another group of girls . In Manila, one hour’s drive from the neon lights of Fields Avenue, the Sunday Tribunewitnessed Irishmen purchasing young girls for as little as 15, while in Olongapo, a city three hours west of the capital, former ‘entertainers’ told the Sunday Tribune that they regularly had Irish customers.

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