Sedating children on long haul flights Sex chats without premium shows

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“If the child is very frightened or the parent is stretched to the limit, then sedation might be advisable.” **Those Against** However many parents don’t realize that using sedatives may actually make your journey even more unbearable.According to one regular Benadryl user, “Most times it induces peaceful slumber, but one time, my son ended up projectile vomiting all over the plane and another time, he became overexcited from it.” Another mother tells that she would never use Benadryl on a flight as her son had a hyperactive reaction to it when given it at home. Tyrone Bristol of Shanghai United Family Hospitals and Clinics and Dr.**Those For** “I have taken quite a few airplane rides with my boys and rarely travel without the Benadryl,” confesses one mother of two. Tim Johnson, Shanghai East International Medical Center, likewise believes that sedating children on long plane rides might be a good option for some parents.“Long haul flights are difficult enough, and fractious children, especially more than one, can make the flight intolerable for the parents as well as others,” observes Johnson.I have nightmares of him screaming nonstop the whole flight, and being so exhausted and stressed, I really want to do all I can to prevent this, so please any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I know some people use phenergan as a sedative but it really isn't recommended to sedate a toddler for any reason not medically necessary.Hmm just did an internet search and found this article ...Just seen a discussion on this morning about this... I'd say if you need to resort to sedation for your own sake rather than child's it's best not to go.

While we can't promise that your kids won't have a melt down, our travel tips will help streamline your air travel and keep everyone in a better mood!

We plan to go long haul to visit family when LO I can't imagine doing that, unless there was a valid reason.

My cousin in his thirties has to have Valium to fly!

When I expressed my fears to a friend, she suggested that I consider giving the kids Benadryl, Melatonin or Gravol to make them sleep them during the flight.

But, behind this simple suggestion lies a heated debate.

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