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For six more decades Dugout Dick dug more caves and lived a hermit’s life.This video was taken back when Dugout Dick lived in his home in the hills. Do not look for his caves as they have been filled in for fear of collapse by the Bureau of Land Management.The suits, each seeking .2 million in damages, are the latest in a barrage of such claims facing the Boy Scouts, headquartered in Texas, since the group was found liable and ordered to pay nearly million last year for a pedophile case from the 1980s.

With the expedition, between 18, she traveled thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, established cultural contacts with Native American populations, and researched natural history.

On the Middle Fork, we can schedule one or two nights at lodges, but usually cannot spend all nights in lodges.

That may change, so contact us if you are interested.

The visitor center for the monument is located in the nearby small town of Hagerman, on the east side of the river, along US 30, which meets I-80 eight miles north and also passes close to the various units of Thousand Springs State Park.

Most of the Snake River in this part of Idaho flows over volcanic rock, but near Hagerman the surrounding cliffs are sedimentary, dating from the late Pliocene period, and have proved very rich in both plant and animal fossils (especially a zebra-like creature known as the Hagerman horse), but, as is usually the case for such locations, there are no fossils to be seen in situ, only in the museum at the visitor center.

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