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I remember a few years ago when I used to frequent chat rooms daily. Anyone know any good chatrooms that seem to have frequent visitors with proper spelling and shit?Now, when I go on to two, you get about a billion PM's asking you to show your tits on cam, using retarded grammar and cyber spelling. If you're going to ask to see my tits, at least ask with proper grammar and spelling. You know, the ones where people actually typed correctly and shit. O: Dearest Zannen, If you would be inclined to share photographs of your local avian population, I would be very grateful.When you didn't have to spend a minute decoding what someone was saying because they used so many fucking acronyms. Respectfully, Rhythm I haven't been to a chatroom regularly in ages--probably since the late nineties.Even then it was the (relatively) rare room that had conversations.many of the chat services in those regions were unsupervised and free.though many regions of the world will be affected, microsoft will continue to offer free, unsupervised chat rooms for msn subscribers in countries such as the united states, canada, and japan.

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the official date for the services to cease is october 14th.Come to think of it, the chat world is very much like the forum world -- most is crap, and most make me appreciate the Dope.Callahans on Undernet would be the only one I'd recommend. The basic premise is that it's a virtual bar, like in Callahan's Crosstime Saloon by Spider Robinson. I haven't been in there in a long time, but made lots of friends, and even met the man I married.We offer adult lectures: live sex chat room for adults 18 and older and our chat rooms for Gays and Lesbians are semi-adult 18 years or older.These chat rooms are separated from each other and require a separate log log age for entry.

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