Iraqi dating culture

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Iraqi forces began storming the Isis-held Old City of Mosul, an assault they hope will be the last in the eight-month campaign to seize the militants' stronghold.The historic district is the last still under control of the militants in the city which used to be their capital in Iraq.A temple to the moon god Nanna, or Sin, was situated on the top of the tower.The name of the Babylonian king Belshazzar (Daniel 5) appeared for the first time in a text found in a foundation deposit of the temple.After an hour of driving, the men arrived at a spring in the mountains where they beat the woman with sticks and forced her to walk for about a mile before stopping in an orchard.“Please brother, don’t kill me, for the sake of Allah,” the woman — who asked to be identified as Lava to protect her identity — said she pleaded with her older brother Jamal on that night about two years ago.But her pleas were ignored and she was forced to the ground, with her hands tied behind her back and her legs bound, while two of her other brothers dug a grave.Evidence for a very advanced culture from Abraham’s day has been unearthed at Ur.Its restored ziggurat, or temple tower, is often shown in news reports.

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Elsewhere in central and southern Iraq, a series of bombings in the past few days have left at least 27 people dead."This will be a terrifying time for around 100,000 people still trapped in Mosul's Old City at risk of getting caught up in the fierce street fighting to come," the International Rescue Committee (IRC) said in a statement.Isis, which seized the ancient city in June 2014, still controls around eight square kilometres of western Mosul, including the densely populated Old City where some of the fiercest and most gruelling final battles are expected to play out in the narrow streets that are impassable for tanks.Special forces spokesman Sabah al-Numan said his troops had completed their initial mission, but stood ready “to support any other forces if we are ordered to by the Prime Minister".

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