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Bonus: The site’s blog is full of fun facts, including that fewer than 2% of people in the world have red hair. Created in 2010 by a ginger for gingers, Hot For Ginger is just as much a community as it is a dating site.

URL: One of the self-proclaimed largest dating sites for redheads and their admirers, Find a Ginger has connected thousands of people for dating and love since 2012. The site’s blog is updated regularly with redhead-related news, and you can view photo galleries (or post one of your own) of others who know what it’s like to have fiery hair.

Toss me that blanket for my feet and turn the fan on my face, thanks.7. Some say redheads actually bruise more easily than others, so lay off the hickeys please. There is no greater gift you can give a redhead than a bottle of 30 SPF sunscreen that actually smells delicious. Many redheads are left-handed or are allergic to something super weird or have other weird recessive gene things, but these just make her more interesting. Don't freak out the first time she sleeps over and takes off her mascara. And she looks really different in the summer than in the winter.

This is legit the only one I've found so report back in the comments.9. She looks like a totally different person, but even more beautiful, if that's even possible. July: She actually looks insanely tan because all her freckles have melded together to make a fran (freckle tan).

It’s also been suggested that the company hope this temporary addition will boost dwindling sales after a surge in consumers becoming more health conscious. Opinions seem divided so far and while some think it’s completely genius…

The taste is said to be super-subtle which, for avid ginger fans, isn’t likely to go down well.

What’s more, despite its tang the drink doesn’t actually contain any ginger, instead there’s something listed just as ‘flavour’; whatever that may be.

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Or see if you can guess some of the clubs or activities your spouse was involved in. Read a book of short stories out loud to each other. You can pick up a book at the library (so it's a free date! Then after your date, you and your spouse can give a "report" back telling about the funnest, funniest, or most special part of the evening. ), choose one restaurant for your appetizer, a different one for your main dish, then a third one for dessert. If you have trouble deciding which restaurants, write down several options for each course, put them in a hat, and pick. Think back to one of your favorite dates or activities you two had before you were married, but that you don't get to do anymore.

Coca-Cola Ginger is the latest limited edition flavour to hit the shelves but it appears to have divided both Coke and ginger fans alike.

Launched on Monday, the fizzy drink joins a long list of exclusive tastes including Black Cherry (USA), Vanilla (UK, Canada and USA), Orange (UK, Latvia, Russia) and even Green Tea (Japan).

Don't ask about the color of her pubes on your first date.

You'd be surprised how often I actually have to remind people that this is rude.2. Pube color will be reported on a need-to-know basis.3. You have to be hella confident to walk around with a 4-alarm fire on your head every day of your life. Although being the most desired woman in the bar certainly helps.5.

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