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The test to drive legally on the road with a car or motorbike is a joke.Therefore, accidents causing broken arms, broken legs and broken necks along with ‘road rash’ or ‘Thai tattoos’ as they are commonly known in Thailand are everywhere.See which of the leading social networks are providing the most traffic to a website you analyze. Info on numbers of mentions in different social networks might help you discover a way to attract more visitors through social networks that weren’t yet used. Valentine’s Day, observed on 14 February, is a good occasion to reveal your feelings to a sweetheart.

The stringent rules and regulations and tests that are compulsory in many developed countries for their roads are non-existent in some Asian countries. Basically, there are no rules, well not rules that people observe anyway.

To discuss this topic at RACE-2015, we invited Dmitriy Kustov, who will acquaint participants with peculiarities of mobile traffic and secrets of dating apps promotion.

Dmitry has extensive experience in online advertising and promotion.

During his career he has trained several dozens of online marketing experts and advertising managers.

His reports at the conferences are always lively and interesting, since they are based on huge database of practical knowledge and armory of the latest tools.

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