Irc dating channels

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the most popular and most interactive services on the Internet. But unlike CB, Internet Relay Chat lets people all over the world participate in real-time conversations. Using an IRC client (program) you can exchange text messages interactively with other people all over the world.

Sure, the Web is nice for finding info and E-mail beats snailmail hands down, but when you”ve been wondering ”where the others are? Some of the more popular chat clients are m IRC, Ice Chat, and Virc for Windows and Homer or Ircle for Mac”s.

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A primary channel is considered appropriate for a channel operated by a project (The Ubuntu project operates #ubuntu) or a group (The philadelphia linux users group operates #plug).

We have diverse communities of users from all over the world using Quake Net as a stable collaborative multi-user chat network.

We historically have attracted a strong online gaming crowd which was core to the inception of Quake Net many years ago but as one of the largest IRC networks we also have communities covering most topics imaginable.

This is a port of the Bukkit Purple IRC plugin and can installed as a server mod or client mod.

Its a great port; though there are a few bugs still that I've found. posting links from other server in chat is not clickable.

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