Updating fedora using yum

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Also note that it’s somewhat common for Distributions to apply patches for the sake of security and normalization to their own standards.

In its place is the much more powerful and intelligent Dandified Yum (DNF).

This happened to me when I discovered that my Fedora 18 OS was obsolete (very old indeed) and I tried to upgrade it to the Fedora 20 version.

Fedora 18 doesn’t support the automatic OS upgrade so I had to spend some hours to find information on Internet and create the right DIY solution for my case. ) research I discovered that I was able not only able to upgrade the PC to Fedora 20 but I also found a good “trick” to upgrade to the latest Fedora 21 following in just a couple of steps with the help of fedup and some other escamotages. First, you have to open a Terminal and type: but you will immediately leave the Fedora GUI and so it’s better if you write the below commands on an -old style, paper notepad- to be sure to have all the right information in you hands and correctly manage the upgrade from Fedora 18 to Fedora 20 If you have problems with one or more of your “old” repositories don’t forget to deconfigure them.

The best method for keeping own Cloud current on Linux servers is by configuring your system to use own Cloud’s Open Build Service repository.

Then stay current by using your Linux package manager to install fresh own Cloud packages.

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