Harvest moon magical melody friendship dating

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A detailed list can be found on each person's individual page. Only 8 hearts are necessary, but you can always raise the hearts to 10 if you see fit.

He’ll ask if you can loan him 1,000G; how you reply doesn’t affect his relationship – When Ronald opens Paradise Orchard (Plant 1x Grape Tree; Talk to Ronald at the Spring Horse Race), Dan will be working there Unlock: Meet Lyla for the first time at the Spring Flower Festival (Spring 23).

These tasks are not revealed to the player aside from hints the player can gather based on the name of the notes in the Notes screen of the pause menu.

Some are very obvious, such as the Second House note, but others are less obvious such as the Treasure Hoard note.

Once you have your eyes set on that special somebody, you will have to meet the requirements in order to get married.

To get a heart level of 8 hearts, you must impress the bachelor or bachelorette that you're wanting to marry.

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